Is the life of the led lamp related to the number of switches?

The life of the LED light is basically not related to the number of switches, and it can be switched on and off frequently.

Led lamp life has nothing to do with the number of switches, it is mainly related to temperature. LEDs are afraid of high temperature, and the service life will be doubled if the heat dissipation is not good. In addition, they are afraid of voltage instability. The life of the LED lamp is only determined by the factors of the LED itself if it is used under reasonable conditions.

LED is a solid light source, theoretically infinite switching will not affect the life of the bulb. The main factor affecting performance is the life of the switch. When doing LED dimming, sometimes high-frequency switches are used to adjust the brightness. The high-speed switching frequency reaches 30,000 times per second, and the light bulb can also continue to work normally. And LEDs are more efficient and last longer at low temperatures. Generally, the LED lamp beads of regular manufacturers can reach a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours.


Post time: Jul-15-2022