Solutions for LED light failures

LED lamps are energy-saving, high in brightness, long in life and low in failure rate, and have become a favorite illuminant for ordinary home users. But low failure rate does not mean no failure. What should we do when the LED light fails - change the light? So extravagant! In fact, the cost of repairing LED lights is very low, and the technical difficulty is not high, and ordinary people can operate them.

Damaged lamp beads

After the LED light is turned on, some of the lamp beads do not light up. Basically, it can be judged that the lamp beads are damaged. Damaged lamp beads can generally be seen with the naked eye - there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp bead, which proves that it has been burned. Sometimes the lamp beads are connected in series and then in parallel, so the loss of a certain lamp bead will cause a piece of lamp bead to not light up. We provide two repair options according to the number of damaged lamp beads.

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Second, a lot of damage
If a large number of lamp beads are damaged, it is recommended to replace the entire lamp bead board. Lamp beads are also available online, pay attention to three points when purchasing:

1. Measure the size of your own lamps;

2. Look at the appearance of the lamp bead board and the starter connector (explained later);

3. Take note of the starter's output power range (explained later).

These three points of the new lamp bead board must be the same as the old lamp bead plate - the replacement of the lamp bead plate is very simple, the old lamp bead plate is fixed on the lamp socket with screws, and it can be removed directly. The new lamp bead board is fixed with magnets. When replacing, remove the new lamp bead board and connect it with the connector of the starter.

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Post time: Jul-25-2022