About Us

Who We Are

Kasem trading Co., Ltd. is a company integrating industry and trade. It has its own factory (Trent) and a company that facilitates export (Kasem). Committed to the design, engineering and manufacture of innovative energy efficient, competitively priced lighting products that provide positive economic and environmental benefits to our customers.

The company was founded by a group of outstanding lighting professionals with over 15 years of experience designing high-performance industrial lights. Kasem trading&Trent factory has established its reputation as a highly recognized Lighting Manufacturer.


What We Do

Kasem Lighting's products provide high-quality lighting fixtures that combine economy, reliability and energy efficiency in lighting applications. Our unique product line includes low-profile and high-power LED flood lights, LED street lamp, Solar energy, Garden light, High bay light..etc..and all kind of outdoor light.

At the same time, in order to meet the market demand, in 2016, it is trialing research and development and production of solar lithium batteries, and successfully developed integrated light-time control lithium battery solar street lights. It has obtained a number of national patents and is widely used in the construction of new rural areas. High praise from customers.

We strive for excellence and durability in every lamp to ensure that our customers expect long life and trouble-free use. We have long-term cooperation with leading companies in the industry and have accumulated a wealth of product and application knowledge, which makes us qualified to help you in small to large lighting projects.

Our Corporate Culture

Since the establishment of Kasem Lighting in 2009, our R&D team has grown from a small group to more than 100 people. The area of ​​the factory has expanded to 50.000 square meters, and the turnover in 2019 has reached 25.000.000 US dollars in one fell swoop. Now we have become a company with a certain scale, which is closely related to our company’s corporate culture:

Thought System

The core concept is "Kasem Lighting, Beyond Self".

The corporate mission is to "create wealth and mutually beneficial society".

Main Features

Dare to innovate: The primary characteristic is to dare to venture, dare to try, dare to think and do.

Stick to integrity: Stick to integrity is the core feature of Qassim Lighting.

Caring for employees: invest tens of thousands of yuan every year for employee training, set up an employee canteen, and provide employees with three meals a day for free.

Do our best: Wanna has a great vision, requires extremely high work standards, and pursues "making all work a fine product."