Kasem Lighting's products provide high-quality lighting fixtures

Kasem Lighting's products provide high-quality lighting fixtures that combine economy, reliability and energy efficiency in lighting applications.

  • Professional OEM factory

    Professional OEM factory

    Help OEM production of lighting companies all over the world. Famous brands are, Avant lux, Kandel, Remanci, Adir, RF, SIG...etc

  • Production Line

    Production Line

    Advanced production lines to ensure high capacity and high efficiency

  • Support


    Professional solution support,brand promotion support,innovative design support

About Us

Kasem Lighting Co., Ltd. is committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative energy-saving, competitively priced lighting products to provide our customers with positive economic and environmental benefits. The company was founded by a group of outstanding lighting professionals with more than 15 years of experience in designing high-performance industrial lamps. Kasem Lighting has established its reputation as a highly recognized lighting manufacturer.

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