Cubes, curves and cantilevers: Oakland’s Hobson’s Bay Villa is a delightful wooden building.

Curved balustrades soften sharp corners, dark wooden cubes are interrupted by large windows, rising cantilevers and floating decks that lead to lush gardens at various levels – Hobson Bay House, Auckland, New Zealand, Hamish Cameron Architecture Striking. on a complex and almost inland site, rising above a quiet cul-de-sac. The home was designed with the surrounding scenery in mind, with elevated views of the eastern valley, magnificent Pohutukawa trees, and views of Hobson Bay and beyond.
Architect Hamish Cameron had to build a dilapidated mid-century home on a 736 square meter abandoned, sloping and overgrown site near Hobson Bay in New Zealand. However, both the owner and the architect knew that the site had potential. “The owners were empty nests interested in sustainable design… Since one owner is the daughter of an architect and appreciates good design, the couple needed comfortable, well-proportioned living spaces that reflected their character and included their collection of mid-century furniture. and everyone’s favorite things,” explains Cameron.
Cameron used the original location and height of the dilapidated structure to guide the new building and link it to the different levels of the garden. However, the development of a new residential project that takes full advantage of the topography and the surrounding landscape has caused quite a few problems. Because the site is in a special zone made up of houses from different eras, Cameron realized that the new building would require special planning permission. “We wanted the array of the new home to be respectful of the neighbors and blend implicitly with the garden and the established surrounding vegetation that forms the backdrop,” he continued.
The house is made up of a series of cubes with walkways, cantilevered decks and terraces leading to lush gardens. “As avid gardeners, the owners are happy to take on the challenge of taming the overgrown lot and creating a shrubby environment for their home that blends in with this leafy area near the city centre. To make the most of the lush greenery of the garden space, the new home is conceived as a three-story stack, roughly where the original home was, with a one-story guest wing extending northwest across the middle level,” the architects said.
The façade is clad in dark Abodo wind deflectors, while the interior of the home is clad in wood paneling and wood paneling in warm tones, creating a sense of connection. The vertical theme continues outside: the wooden structure on the terrace and the same material for the balustrades. In the home, he created a series of open and private spaces, seamlessly connected by a three-story stairwell, from the basement entrance and garage, to the living quarters and guest wing on the ground floor, to the master bedroom on the top floor. .
“Strategically placed windows provide privacy and frame views of the landscaped property, adjacent gardens and Hobson Bay. Wide doorways provide unobstructed access from indoors and out to raised patios on either side of the home, capturing sunlight throughout the day and connecting directly. into what a flat garden,” he said. Refined interiors feature warm wood tones, while the living, dining and kitchen areas feature Blackbutt floors, Gabonese plywood cabinetry and wall paneling, and washed cedar ceilings. The warmth of the wood is complemented by rich forest green paint, wall tiles and upholstery in areas such as the office, guest bathroom and pantry.
Cameron also paid particular attention to the sustainable architectural features of the residence, including the palette of materials and design. “… the house is deliberately small in size, built primarily from sustainably grown timber frame. The locally finished Abodo wood planks, trim and railings in dark, recessive charcoal tones reduce the home’s presence in the garden,” he explained. An insulated concrete slab runs through the hallway leading to the guest wing and provides warmth, while an awning is designed to allow sunlight to flood the space in winter and shade it in summer.
Other features such as solar panels are sufficient to meet all the electricity needs of the home, excess electricity is returned to the grid, wide cross ventilation and passive design principles provide a comfortable interior, complemented by wood burners and one heat pump for heating. air flows to all parts of the house. A rainwater reservoir is also located under the patio to irrigate the garden. Within the constraints of the original site, Cameron has used innovative design cues, a warm palette of materials, a range of sustainable features and elements that make the home look future-proof so owners can live comfortably into old age. No wonder Hobson Bay House is the 2022 Auckland Architecture Awards winner.
Nadezhna has over a decade of experience in print and digital media as a writer, editor and columnist. She has a degree in journalism and worked as a travel and food reporter for five years. Today she specializes in art, design, architecture and interior design.
Nadezhna has over a decade of experience in print and digital media as a writer, editor and columnist. She has a degree in journalism and worked as a travel and food reporter for five years. Today she specializes in art, design, architecture and interior design.
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