How to let you know we are professional

We have a famous saying in China, "Devotion is better than diligence, but idleness is better than play".

In this very competitive environment, when we are developing customers, we say that we are very professional in making LED lamps.

This is not just talk, in fact, we are doing the same thing every day, and this thing has been doing for 13 years.

So will customers believe what we say?

Below are some daily production photos of our factory.

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There are hundreds of factory photos in my phone, but they are not enough to convince customers of our professionalism.

In the process of persuasion, we had to tell the customer that we have made the famous LED lighting brand in their country.

Similar to Brazil's Avant lux, Blument, FELGOLUX, ADIR...Argentina Kandel, Peru's Brook, Israel's LUMITEC LIGHT...and many other brands of lamps and lanterns.

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Some are found in our factory through China trading companies to help produce, and some are developed by our foreign trade department. As the OEM for these customers, our duty is to let them experience the most professional lamps at the lowest price.

Every time we tell them about the famous brand in their country, we win their trust and try to treat us as a new OEM and keep working together.

It is hoped that in the future, the foreign trade department of our factory can develop more high-quality wholesalers, so that they can enjoy the same first-hand price, first-hand quality and first-hand new product resources as our customers.

Our products are not only limited to LED reflectors, we also have solar garden lights, street lights, and spot lights. Indoor wall lights, panel lights, bulbs, etc. We are a one-stop sourcing factory integrating all lamps. Let you experience a fast and convenient way of purchasing. If you are interested in our factory and worried about the first cooperation, you can start with LED reflectors.

Post time: May-12-2022