What factors affect the heat dissipation of LED floodlights?

Although the led flood light is a cold light source, it does not mean that the led flood light does not generate heat. These are two completely different concepts. The heat dissipation effect of the led flood light directly affects the life of the led flood light. The main factors that affect the heat dissipation of the led flood light are:

1. The material of the shell of the led flood light
Aluminum has better heat dissipation effect than iron. The shell of led flood light should be made of aluminum, not iron;

2. Shell thickness of led flood light
The thicker the shell, the faster the heat dissipation;

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3. The heat conduction medium in contact between the LED lamp beads and the shell
The quality of thermal conductive silicone grease affects whether the heat of the lamp beads can be exported to the shell of the cast light lamp to dissipate heat in time;

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4. The environment where the floodlight is located.
Here are two important parameters for you: the working temperature of the floodlight housing drops by 10℃, and the service life of the floodlight will be hidden about twice; when the LED floodlight is working, the housing temperature is about 65℃.

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Post time: Dec-24-2021