ip66 Aluminum hotsale factory direct sale multi led chips led lens diriver 2700-6500k 30w 100W LED GARDEN LIGHT

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Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design, DIALux evo layout, LitePro DLX layout, Agi32 layout, auto CAD layout, Onsite metering, Project Installation

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SLT09 Series LED Garden light

SLT09 Series LED Garden light
SLT07 Series LED Garden light-2
SLT07 Series LED Garden light-3

SLT09 Series LED Garden light

Matters needing attention

• Before installing the lighting fixtures, please read this instruction manual carefully.

• The lighting fixtures should be installed, connected and tested by a certified electrician based on the local regulations.

• Lamps should always be installed or replaced carefully.

• Please check the local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before installation.

• Revamping only can be done when the power is off and the lamp is completely cooled down.

• When clean the lamp, make the power off and let it cool down completely, clean the fixture with a soft cloth and a standard PH neutral detergent, stainless steel should be maintained regularly.

• Don’t cover the fixtures with flammable materials.

• Replace should be made by the manufacturer or his service agent or certified electrician in order to avoid a hazard. Temperature Characteristics T-ambient 25℃ Temperature Operating -20~+55℃ Storage -40~+60℃.


Characteristics T-ambient 25℃

Temperature Operating -20~+55℃

Storage -40~+60℃


• IP66 waterproof/dust proof/explosion proof/IK09

• Aluminum shape good at heat dissipation. The lamp post can be adjusted to plus or minus 15 degrees. It can also be installed vertically.

• Philips SMD 3030/ 5050/ Ra>70/SDCM<6 100,000 times switching cycle before failure

• Total harmonic distortion(THD)<10%

• Excellent post light control design, the whole lamp can achieve T II-M, T III-M,That's our advantage

• Pass 3G vibration test

Product Dimension







Model NO. Size L(mm) Size W(mm) Size H(mm) Support pole diameter
T09-15G 323 323 407 76
T09-15L 398 323 159 13mm cable
T09-15D 323 323 302 60






Model NO. Size L(mm) Size W(mm) Size H(mm) Support pole diameter
T09-110G 485 485 546 76
T09-110D 485 485 329 13mm cable
T09-110L 485 485 185 60

Installation way

Installation way

Installing steps

Turn off the power before installing

Make sure the model, rated voltage and wattage are the same with the design parameters

Check the wire specification , Connect the wire,Through the waterproof connector, connect the L/N wire of the street lamp to L/N wire of the city electricity.

1. Put the light into the light stem

2. Fix the screw of handle

3. Check the installing of the light whether level or not.

4. Adjust the angle into which needed.

5. Check the the handle screw fixed or not, if loose, should make it tightly, torque is 16NM.

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